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The Fairy Photographer - fairy dust

Spring 2018 sees our Vintage Fairy Photoshoots grow to meet increasing demand

As the first snowdrops and daffodils begin to unfurl their delicate petals, the Spring flower fairies start to emerge from their winter hideaways.

The Spring Vintage Fairy Photoshoots have always been one of the most popular sessions of the year. In an attempt to meet this increased demand, the Fairy Photographer will be holding three Spring Vintage Fairy Photoshoots this year, on the weekends of March 3rd and 4th, April 28th and 29th and May 19th and 20th.

Why not book in for a Vintage Fairy Photoshoot so you can bring your budding flower fairy to the enchanting, hand-built fairy dell, which will be decorated with beautiful real Spring flowers and foliage? The Fairy Photographer will help to create some wonderful memories that will be captured in beautiful artwork.

Each session includes a fairy makeover, complete with costume, make-up and accessories (with a little added sparkle!). The fairies will then enjoy a 20-minute studio photographic shoot in the magical fairy dell. At the end of the session, each fairy will receive their own special fairy wand.

You can help make fairy dreams blossom on the following dates.

Vintage Fairy Photoshoots 2018
April 29th/30th
May 19th/20th
June 23rd/24th
July 14th/15th
Sept 22nd/23rd
Nov 10th/11th – Snow Fairies

The Fairy Photographer - wand-making workshop at Croft Castle