Wings, wands and wonderful individuality

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“I am not sure that my daughter will be able to take part, she is so shy.”

“My children are very lively and I am worried that they will not sit still.”

“One of my children is very keen to be a fairy, but the other one is a bit older and not sure it is for her. I really want a photo of both of them.”


These are a few concerns expressed by some parents before the fairy photo shoots and they are perfectly natural. But these concerns should not deter you.

If your child is shy, the process of becoming a fairy should help to calm them down and make them feel more comfortable. Your children get to meet Caroline before the shoot and she will introduce herself and chat to them. Her assistant will help them to get ready and will also help to create the easy, friendly atmosphere that can bring out the best in your child.

Once in the studio, the fairies are given small tasks to perform as they move around the dell. They may not even realise they are being photographed at first. Caroline will take her time to talk to the children, encourage them to chat to her about their favourite colours, games, their school and so on, to make them feel comfortable. One of the adults who has come with the child will be in the studio at all times. When a child is very shy, the session may last a little longer as Caroline will spend more time ensuring that the child is happy and relaxed.

When it comes to older sisters, we know that not all are as keen as their younger siblings to dress up. Again, we make sure the process is very relaxed, with no pressure. We have a number of outfits for older fairies (including adults!) and the older child or young adult will be able to select what they feel comfortable wearing.

Often, older siblings are given very specific roles and asked to help the younger ones. We will emphasise to them that they do not have to appear in all the photos, but perhaps they could “help out” with a few shots to make sure that their sisters and/or brothers are ok.

We have never had a refusal so far, and usually once the photoshoot starts the older sibling is happy to take part fully.

When it comes to lively personalities, Caroline is a highly experienced family photographer who previously worked as teacher for a number of years. She also has children of her own and understands that children are all different and react and behave in individual ways. It is actually the child’s unique personality that makes each fairy photo so special. You will not just get a photo of a smiling child dressed as a fairy. You will get a portrait of YOUR child, with all the wonderful parts of their individual personality shining through.

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