The holly and the fairy

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Christmas is nearly upon us and many people will be looking forward to decorating their homes.

Here at fairy HQ, we are also looking forward to putting up our tree and decking our hall with boughs of holly. And there is a very good reason why we will be bringing in the holly from the garden. Not only do the rich, dark green leaves and glorious red berries look very festive, but also there is a fairy tradition linked to this plant.

Traditionally, the holly bush was thought to be a place for fairies to live so people would bring it into their homes at winter time to give the fairies somewhere warm to stay. The prickly leaves were also meant to offer good protection from fairy mischief, so a holly wreath on your front door will help to keep those naughty fairies outside.

Our fairy dell will now be left for the fairies to play in over the winter time until we set up for our first Spring shoot in March.

Don’t forget, if you book in for a Vintage Fairy Photoshoot for 2019 before January 1st you will get a special free gift.

We hope you have a magical Christmas and New Year and look forward to welcoming many new visitors to our fairy dell next year.

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